State Treasurer Tobias Read, a Democrat, Will Vote Against Metro’s Transportation Measure

Metro’s $4 billion transportation Measure 26-218 on the November ballot has attracted a lot of support because it would generate construction jobs and is aimed at addressing the many inequities and bottlenecks in the region’s road system. But some key Democrats, including State Treasurer Tobias Read, say they oppose 26-218.

The measure would extend a new MAX line from Portland to Bridgeport Village, electrify dozens of TriMet buses, and pay for projects to improve safety and reduce congestion in 17 regional transportation corridors, including 82nd Avenue in Multnomah County, Tualatin Valley Highway in Washington County, and McLoughlin Boulevard in Clackamas County.

“This measure could be transformative for 82nd Avenue and many corridors like it around the region,” said Duncan Hwang, associate director at the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, in a statement Oct. 9. “There were 196 serious injuries and fatalities on 82nd Avenue between 2007 and 2017.”

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